le cupcake

he was licking himself omg



he was licking himself omg





People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

Holy Shit Two Cakes. My new art mantra.

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lunatic is like real war it involves actually being lucky



  • One of the most recognizable XY Pokémon
  • Huge scooping claws

That’s it.  Those are all the features they say it’s got, and frankly that’s all they need to say as far as I’m concerned.


You can download Braixen Sai file here: link :)  Some people asked me if I could upload one, so here it is! I’m also writing a new watercolor tutorial but I didn’t manage to finish it and I won’t be at home for a week… I’ll post it when I come back. 


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lunatic is kinda complete bullshit. it starts to rely too wayyy too much on percentages the stats are so rigged that it becomes “this guy can oneshot any of my units with a %70 chance so lets just play this scenario 5 times until he misses

YEAH I also heard enemies get random overpowered abilities or something??  So you’re also hoping they get ones you can win against?  It’s better than just doubling all their stats or something but still.

feralynn a répondu à votre question : I’m thinking of getting Fire Emblem: Awakening and…

its pretty much the exact same except the enemy stats are rigged to be pretty much impossible. and armor and stuff costs more i think.

feralynn a réagi à votre billet : I’m thinking of getting Fire Emblem: Awakening and…

LUNATIC ANYWAY i didn’t find hard to be that hard. hard/classic is the best i think. pretty much avoid casual at all costs because it means your units dont die permanently and thus takes the threat/strategy/everything out of the game.

lmao I like the way you think.  I’m definitely doing hard/classic at least; I was just wondering whether doing lunatic instead was at all a good idea, and the gist I’m getting is that there are a few actual interesting differences but mostly it’s just bullshit and not fun. :(

Is anyone around who can let me bring Katie to their town? Preferrably someone whose native fruit isn’t peaches so I can sell a bunch of those while I’m at it.

Apparently typing [[​MORE]] in Markdown mode actually creates a readmore. Good to know. (I avoided it here with a zero-width space.)

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NYC is one of the safest cities in the US (and the-safest for some types of crime), and you’ll be in the quietest, most affluent part for Hacker School. You’ll be fine, I guarantee it!

Yeah that’s kind of the feeling I got but every other Canadian I mention it to asks if I’m scared or tells me not to worry too much and it’s kind of hard not to let that get to you.  I’m feeling a lot better now that I’ve sorted out my apartment and travel and everything and now all I have to do is wait.

I’m thinking of getting Fire Emblem: Awakening and does anyone know how the difficulties work?  (The normal-hard-lunatic ones, not classic/casual.)  Is there some actual design to them or does it just give enemies a flat stat multiplier or something?

"Honking one’s lizard" would make a great euphemism



Don’t honk your lizard.  That’s rude.